Thursday, October 18, 2012

The law students clutter...

Posted by: Saint Rubelo

Its quite a funny thought to ponder about my expectations before i entered law school. During those times I had a high regard for law students (those know it all bastards) standing proudly in their polo barongs prowling the streets of dapitan while puffing their daily intake of nicotine and tar. I was a freshmen AB student that time and for me it was a classic sight just like a child seeing for the first time the heroes that he admired, and promised to himself one day I'll be wearing the same off-white polo barong armed with that law school smile and pride.

Years have passed and now I am one of them, I realized that the study of law is not as regal as it promised. During my stay I'ved encountered and still encountering law students that is considerably far more lazy than your unemployed kapitbahay *law professors are no exception* advocates of procrastination. This is ofcourse in contrast with the image projected by law students that is ideally hardworking and persevering at all times. In addition it is also a misknowmer to say that "uy law student matalino" the layman always gives out these lines as if law student is synonymous to the word intellectual, but believe me it is not always a case of that. In law school ived seen the best of minds but it is also here wherein i encountered the worst, the likes of which that should be reeducated and sent back to sunday school.

On the other hand, I am quite impressed on how majority of the law students nowadays know how to live a holistic life, observing the proper interplay between social and intellectual life it is indeed a literal application of the cliche "study hard, party harder". To back this up it is here where I've seen the hardest drinkers that ever lived they were probably a jelo shot away from alcohol poisoning yet they can still pull it off whenever the time for recitation comes.

I'm not writing this post to demerit law students like me, it's just I dont want our class to be overrated by the society, this is just a short list of some of the negative things existing in law school life, there's more to this but I dont want to issue you a spoiler, its enough that I've painted a picture of what to expect, what is left is for you to experience.


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