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Thursday, May 16, 2013

All firstborns ...

Young Blood

All firstborns


When I’m asked how many siblings I have, I normally respond like this: “I have two—my sister and my brother. We’re all firstborns.”

That last part catches people off-guard, and I brace for follow-up questions such as, awkwardly: You all have different fathers? I understand that this comes from the impression that women like my mother are either unfortunate or “hostesses,” thanks (but no thanks) to films like “Tanging Ina.”

There are many times when I want to tell my friends the truth about my bizarre family story. But something holds me back, being in a country that hangs on to strong family ties and values.

I believe I have the most courageous and dignified mother of all. She is 51 and a single parent. I am her only child with my father; my sister and brother are her only children with their fathers.

I consider her the greatest actress of all time because she can play different roles at the same time.

She is our father who works hard day and night to support us financially. Like a protective dad, she fights like a lion and defends us whenever she feels we are being belittled or oppressed. She is our  ate  (elder sister) with whom we can chat and exchange silly jokes. Sometimes we can’t tell her everything under the sun, but she tries to be a good listener when we need one.

She is our kuya  (elder brother) who guards us from danger. She taught me to be street-smart—a great help when I have to go home late. She is our  yaya  (nanny) who always does things for us, including doing our laundry and folding our clothes neatly in the cabinet.

Finally, she is our mother who gave birth to us and continues to provide us shelter and love.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How do you see your Law Professors?

We have different opinions about what kind of professors do we have. Sometimes, we call them lazy, demanding and frustrating! But what about the good things they have imparted to us? I've known lots of good professors during my stay in PUP-CEFP, they do not only teach what is asked from them to teach, rather, they share life's lesson which you can bring with you wherever you go and things you'll never learn inside the classroom --VALUES . Let me share with you a beautiful article I read in Young Blood (Yes, I'm a fan of this column). This is about an ordinary student and an ordinary Law Professor who taught him extraordinary lessons.

My other father


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