Monday, November 26, 2012

On hiatus ...

Yes, you read it right! I'm on hiatus now. I'm just having a short break from the busy life of a law student. I'm just savoring every moment I have now to enjoy the life that I've also wanted . Bar hopping! Gigs! Luxurious Sleep! OL All day! GOD! THIS IS LIFE! Yeah! I really can enjoy life now! I'm now doing the things I've deprived myself of doing since I've decided to go to law school. But at the end of the day everything boils down to one question... Is this really the life that I wanted? The answer is NO... a big NO! I should be honest to myself with this. I'd rather have more sleepless nights reading and memorizing FACTS, ISSUES and RULINGS of CASES assigned for us to read for different subjects we have in law school . I'd rather spend the whole afternoon in a deafening silence environment inside the law school library. I'd rather dose myself with energy drinks to keep me awake because I still have class on a Saturday after the whole frustrating week than to have a hang over the next day after having a laklakan session with my bandmates which I do not really regret at all. Little did I mention that I have friends with God-given talent in singing and dancing and I'm lucky enough to witness them myself. I'd rather wear irritating corporate clothes upon going to school straight from work than to have comfortable clothes which I only wear at home. I'd rather carry tons of books I need in law school than to fill my bag with useless stuffs I need to bring out the kikayness in me. The most important thing that I'd rather be doing is seeing my friends in law school and debate with them all day long about their stands with a certain case than to waste my time having bolahan conversations with my suitors. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Ten Students You will Meet in Law School

Posted by:  BITTER CONTRIBUTOR on JUNE 14, 2010
They say you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Which, if you’re in law school, means you shouldn’t let any of these ten rat bastards out of your site for even a minute.
1The Immaculate Altruist. She’s here to get a law degree so she can save the homes of poor immigrant whales from foreclosure.  She disdains anyone who doesn’t dream of working non-profit.  To her, law, unlike any other field of study, is either about spreading rainbows and peach cobbler to the corners of the universe or greedily snatching up money whilst helping Rich Corporation A sue Richer Corporation B.

My First Year in Law School

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