Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tuition Fee in PUP College of Law

Currently, the PUP College of Law charges P500 per unit as tuition fee. Thus, a law student will pay a tuition fee of P 9,000 for an 18-unit regular load assuming that he is a full-time student. The amount would be lesser if he is a working student as he cannot surely take a full regular load. A working student may only manage to enroll around 12 to 15 units per semester.

On top of the tuition fee, a law student will also pay miscellaneous fees amounting to P 1,050 which includes medical and dental, library fee, registration fee, energy fee etc. So, all in all a regular full load semester would cost a full time student P 10,050--an amount which is very minimal compared to other law schools. The total amount may however be paid on installment: at least half of which during enrollment and the balance before mid-term examination.

See complete list of fees below as of 2012.


Tuition (per unit) PhP 500.00


Application/Entrance Exam Fee 300.00
Registration Fee 100.00
Library Fee 100.00
Medical and Dental 50.00
ID (upon admission) 200.00
IT Utilization 100.00
Energy Fee (per month) 100.00
Certification (Letter Form) 50.00
Graduation Fee 200.00
Diploma Fee 100.00
Transcript of Records (per page) 100.00
Fine for Late Payment 100.00
Re-Admission Fee 200.00
Retrieval Fee 50.00
Validation Fee 50.00
Admission Fee for Transfer Students (from private) 500.00
Admission Fee for Transfer Students (from SUC) 300.00


  1. woah! Thanks for this very informative blog...

  2. Hi, PhP1,050.00 parin ba ang misc fees?

    Thank you.

    1. Ang alam ko gnyan pdn pero di ko na alam latest computation kc di na LLB ngayon eh, JD na..

  3. I mean as of to date? Kasi I'm considering talaga PUP....

  4. Hndi cguro fix na gnyan, at least may idea kna :)

  5. Tumawag napo ako PUP, ganun padin daw po ang fees. Admin, pwede ka po upload ng curriculum ng PUP JD po? Naka schedule po ako na mag entrance exam on January 18, 2014.

    Many Thanks!

    1. Hi there :) Wala po ako copy ng curriculum ng JD eh :( Sorry po :(

  6. Hi. Thanks for this blog. I just wonder, dalawa ba ang courses nila under their College of Law, Ll. B. and JD? wala na yung Ll. B., pinalit na yung JD?

  7. Hi. Thanks for this blog. I just wonder, dalawa ba ang courses nila under their College of Law, Ll. B. and JD? OR wala na yung Ll. B., pinalit na yung JD?

    (may error on my previous post, apologies)

    1. Ang nkakalungkot po nyan, wala na po yung Ll.B dhil pinalitan na yung JD. Yung batch na po namin yung last batch ng Ll.B eh, ang problema ko nga, nag-stop ako kaya bka JD na din ako pagbalik..

  8. hello po,
    I just wanna know if mahirap po ba yung entrance exam ng college of law? any pointers as to what i will review? thanks much...
    GOD bless us...

    1. Kayang kaya yun :) Just be updated sa latest news and have knowledge sa consti ^^ yun lang I think. God bless us :)

    2. Hi! May mga prerequisites ba sa PUP? For example I failed Crim 1 but here in my school right now, I was allowed to take Crim 2. Pwede ba kong makapagCrim 1 sa PUP and counted pa din yung CRim2 ko?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Does PUP offer summer classes for Law subjects? Thanks for answering!


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