Monday, August 20, 2012

Interview with The Hot Law Student Chic

  • How much is the tuition fee in PUP College of Law per Semester? 

10, 500 for the first sem... I don't know for the next coming semesters. Refer to this link to get the complete information about fees you'll be paying :)

  • How's the classrooms in PUP Law School? 

It's okay. The room is equipped with an air-conditioner (though old but still working) two brand new electric fans and complete lightning (I mean FOUR WORKING FLUORESCENT LAMP!) . Sorry if my description is way too OA. I was just really surprised coz it's far more different from what we had during our Undergrad in the same University (don't get me wrong, I have nothing against my Alma Matter I will always be a proud product of this Sate U :)) . I was just really surprised but then I realized it should really be that way because it's gonna be hard for us, aspiring lawyers to study in a congested classroom with things you can see beyond your imagination.

  • What can you say about the facilities? 
Havey! I know others would ask for more but as for me, I'm very happy and contented with the my studying environment specially the library. It's complete with SCRAs and Philippine Reports that we'll be needing to read cases and of course to digest them as well. However, I'm a bit disappointed with the Cafeteria/Student's Lounge. First, the food is a bit expensive. Second, your choices of food is very limited (Cream-o, Crossinni, Sky Flakes, Snacks, C2 and Fit 'n Right). I mean we need nutricious foods! Well, actually tou can go to the main building if you want to have tons of chioces of food which I think is a hassle. Lastly, the vending machine is soooooo deceiving! You'll pay for PhP15 for just a cup of tasteless chocolate drink. Hmp! So I guess, the only problem is THE FOOD.



  1. Gud Day...Pwede po mag ask ng COurse Sylabus sa PUP Law School PO Please....GUsto ko sana mag Law....May Available Scholarship po ba na para sa mga hindi honor students....

    1. Hi Ron Mark! Sorry for the late reply ^^ I've been very busy lately as you can see, I don't have any new posts here :) About the Course Syllabus, I'm still looking for a copy. I'll be posting it here once I find one ^^

    2. Hi po. Ilang units po ang minimum na required i-enrol po per sem?

      Thanks po.

  2. Hi po. Ilang units po ang minimum na pwede i-enrol per sem?


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