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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tuition Fee in PUP College of Law

Currently, the PUP College of Law charges P500 per unit as tuition fee. Thus, a law student will pay a tuition fee of P 9,000 for an 18-unit regular load assuming that he is a full-time student. The amount would be lesser if he is a working student as he cannot surely take a full regular load. A working student may only manage to enroll around 12 to 15 units per semester.

On top of the tuition fee, a law student will also pay miscellaneous fees amounting to P 1,050 which includes medical and dental, library fee, registration fee, energy fee etc. So, all in all a regular full load semester would cost a full time student P 10,050--an amount which is very minimal compared to other law schools. The total amount may however be paid on installment: at least half of which during enrollment and the balance before mid-term examination.

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