Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lawyers/Law Students Dilemma ... I'm sooo busy !

Life's daily challenges and dissappointments puts one in a position where you can't but get busy, it is automatically assumed that the busier you are, the more likely you will achieve your goals or aims in real time. The problem comes when you get so busy you can hardly live your life, where the only thing that comes to mind is to work yourself till you can no longer keep up. When you get to such a stage, you will be tieing a noose round your neck,letting out a laugh could even become a waste of time, a sign that you have fallen into the busy trap.

When you get too busy,you push yourself beyond your limits and with anything that is not done with moderateness, something within you will snap. When you keep yourself sufficiently occupied, you certainly would get the rewards for it, you would most likely be able to give speed to your ambitions, nevertheless never get so busy you can't even pay attention to the people around you.

The prize you pay for being way too busy are numerous,you would not only find yourself paying less attention to those who matter, you would miss out on the happiness being in great relationships can impact on you. Often times we fail to realise that the happiness we are chasing can easily be gotten from our relationships and interactions without stress or strain. Come to think of it, those who are seemingly busy find it hard to sustain their relationships,its how life works, what you place most importance on will give you the same attention, if your focus is to get too busy,then you will get so busy you would barely have time for yourself.

Your being busy was a conscious decision by you, you are the sole determinant, it is either you jampacked your schedule or you put yourself in a situation where your schedule got filled up. Learning to master your time is important, when you manage your time well, you not only make your time work for you, you would help yourself mentally and emotionally. Your being busy does not neccessarily mean you are actually being productive or effective, in fact you might just be progressing in error, you might just be barking up the wrong tree,that is why it is very important to know what you want. When you get busy, you could actually achieve a lot, nevertheless never get to a stage where you get too busy to laugh or smile,you might just be missing out on something special.

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