Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happens after a bloody recitation in Criminal Law I

I really felt so frustrated yesterday afternoon because I wasn't able to finish all the assigned cases for our subject that day (Criminal Law I .. just so you know) 
It was actually very easy understand because of the book/hand-out our good professor provided us .
The thing is .. we were assigned to read tons of cases and bet to tell you , each cases has a minimum of 7 pages and a maximum of 15 pages . Take note ! I used Verdana for the font style and 8 for the size not to mention that I maximized the margins and divided it into 2 columns .. now you got it !

If you've been following My Personal Blog : Simply Jhaycee
You will know that I'm not only a student so that's the main reason why I was sooo f*cking nervous to get called by the professor coz I wasn't able to finish everything ..

I went to school/student lounge at 3pm right after my prior obligation and cram myself out !
Read .. read .. read .. but I can't understand a thing !
Gosh ! I'm going to hell for this ..
Time flies so fast !! It was already 5:30 so we decided to go to our respective room .

Atty. Rene Callanta arrived a bit late but the time was still not enough for me to get things right ..
He started calling names .. my heart was pounding but I was also praying to be called first for I know the first parts of the topic that moment .. Prayers wasn't granted ! Last 4 cards remeining on the desk .. still I wasn't called yet . I made up my mind , I will tell Sir that I haven't read whatever he'll ask me to recite . It's final ! Last 2 and I really have no idea what question will come my way .. then poof ! He asked me to recite the sace of "People vs. Oanis and Galanta" . Oh God ! you never fail to save me from condemnation ! I soooooo know that case coz I came from the same province where it happened (Cabanatuan) ! blah blah blah blah ! I can see he was impressed by the details I laid-off . That's what I think . I was saved ! After our class we .. "Le Futurum Legisperitis (The Future Lawyers)" decided to hang out a little . just 1 bottle of T-Ice will do .. I suggested to go to Andonk's since it's just a walk from PUP ..

Ang kawawang Bar-B-Que

That's Hennie and Ate Muning

The ever-innocent Sahb with The Devilish T-Ice Model "Me"

Smile while you can .. girls ! Persons and Family Relations 
is still around the corner waiting to Prosecute all of us .. 

Giving a smize while posing with Hennie and Ate Muning 

Nah ! Never mind her !!

This is what I always do with the receipt of the things paid 
when I'm with the special ones in my life
(Autograph much ?)

makarequest lang Matador pa !

Pagkalat mo teh !

Hangmura di ba :))

Bat ang tao ang hilig maglagay ng kulay sa mga bagay-bagay ?

Ang First Official Hang-out place ng 
"Le Futurum Legisperitis (The Future Lawyers)"

Sorry for the Long post ^^ Get used to it :p


  1. hi may i know the subjects for first yr law students? thanku

    1. Introduction to Law
      Criminal Law 1
      Constitutional Law 1
      The Law on Persons and Family Relations
      Legal Profession
      Philosophy of Law
      Statutory Construction
      Legal Writing/Research



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