Monday, July 2, 2012

FUUUUUUrst terrifying week in Law School !

Many would love to know how it feels like to be in Law School .. As for me , if I only knew anyone who can give me precautionary measures in Law School , I would spend my whole day asking questions to that person but I don't know any! So I guess , it's gonna be a long guessing game journey for me.

First , you should know the subjects you are attending .. You don't want to see yourself saying sorry in different languages do you? Nuff said ! Just do it ! Got it ? Next , know the professors . If one wants an entire quietness the whole period .. give it to them ! It will soon save your ass ! If they want you to memorize the whole Codal thingy .. do so ! It's basically your duty anyway . If your professor is inspired to teach because of your beautiful classmate , make her your bait or better make her your best friend . It's very effective . trust me ! But you cannot calculate every professors .. some want some , some want more so on this part .. you're on your own ! Nah ! Just kidding , just do your part as a student .. study and pray hard ! It will be helpful to have a peaceful mind so whenever you get a chance to pray .. PRAY ! Lastly, Always attend your class ! Never be absent !

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