Monday, June 18, 2012

She is now an Official Law Student ... noob !

Yesterday was my first day in Law School and God knows how nervous I was.
I looked like a total jerk roaming around the building not knowing where I'm heading to.
Luckily, I get reach my destination in a flash so I sat on the center table near my classroom and interview some Law Students .. The Buzz !
They are sophomores so I supposed they can give me some tips on how to survive (Zombie Apocalypse?) .
They were very generous in giving pieces of advice but they emphasized these things :
Study hard ! Never be absent ! and have the guts !
Weew ! I don't know if I should take it positively or not ..
It seems like they were trying to scare the s#%t out of me !
Anyway , thanks to them . It helped past time ^^

Welcome Freshmen ??
Welcome to Hell ?

I'll sure rock Law School ! for ow ...

Meet my friends/pre-law classmates .. Kim and Aia :)

This is our classroom .. It's airconditioned ! No sweat on wearing coats ^^

Me being a Naughty Law Student and Kim just being Kim :p nuff said !

 The hottest and most beautiful girls you'll see in PUP College of Law :p

 My registration card :) Yeah the tuition fee is unbelievably low !
Why should I be shocked ? I graduated from PUP paying less than a thousand per sem yah know ^^


After our class we ate in a nearby eatery ..
Lugaw Queen 

Kim ? Do you want my food or what ?! Just sayin' :))

 Rice Porridge with Chicken wing for 45PHP

 Special Rice Porridge with Egg and Chicharon for only 45PHP

 It has been a light day .. night actually for us ..
It was just an introductory class . good luck next time ^^

How about you ?? How was your first day in Law School ??
Share it with me .. I'd love to hear it !
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  1. Hi! I'm planning to take the PUPCLET this coming March 2013 but I don't know how much the test costs? Did you know how much the exam costs this days??I'm looking for that on PUP's website but I can't find any info.

    BTW your blog is so cute and it motivates me more to take the entrance test khit hindi q alam kung anong pag-aaralan. Would you give me some advice on what to review?? please...

    Thanks! I'll keep on reading your blog...

  2. I think it's still just 500.00 . Thanks for reading my blog and for taking time to post a comment . To be honest with you , I really didn't do any preparations prior to the entrance exam in law school . I claim not to be knowledgeable and all but it was a bit hard but I'm sure you can handle them . Mine was as essay type kind of exam . You just have to be honest with your opinions there because they'll be using your answers for the oral exam . You can do it ! Just one thing , be knowledgeable about what's happening around our country coz they'll be asking questions about current events . You can do it !

    1. Thanks for taking the time to reply on my question. So I have to go to PUP to pay the exam fee. I'm also a graduate of PUP
      BSCP last 2011. I hope the questions would not be hard. Thanks for the advice too.

      I've read your posts the past few days. I hope you can get back to Law school soon. Good luck!

    2. You're welcome! The exam won't be that hard, believe me :)) Just like what most of us say , it's easy to come in .. hard to stay . just like what happened to me :) not because of the hardship in law school but because of financial problems .. Good luck and hope to see you in law school ^^

  3. Wow Pi Sigma! :) Delta ka?

    1. ay hindi po :) nagpapicture lang po kme jan sa tarpauline nila ^^

  4. Ah okay kala ko sis kita! Anyway nag-aaral din ako ng law. Ituloy mo yung law mo, sayang :)

    1. Medyo natatakot pa po kc ako sumali sa mga frat :) Sana makilala kita :) San ka po nag-lo-law ? About sa pag-aaral ko po , opo , kahit anong mangyari pipilitin ko to matapos :)) Salamats po ^^

  5. Maybe pag nalaman mong lalake ako ayaw mo na ako makilala :) haha! Sa UST ako naglolaw. Kung passion mo naman yang pag-aaral ng Law, itutuloy at itutuloy mo yan no matter what happens kasi gusto mo. At kung natatakot ka naman sumali, wag ka na sumali, wag padala sa peer pressure :)

    1. Nyek! Bkit naman? Walang ganun :) sabi mo kc ka-sis kaya akala ko girl ka pero kung lalaki ka wla namang problema dun ^^ Mganda mag-law sa UST kc dyan nagaral yung prof ko na magaling nung undergrad ... si Atty. Claudette Tolentino :) Naman ! madami nga sa law school may pamilya na , may edad na pero tinuloy pa rin nila , ako pa kaya :)

    2. Maganda rin pero grabe din ang lagasan haha! Good luck sayo ate ha! Sana as soon as possible maglaw ka na ulit :)

      Ay, tanung ko lang, tumatanggap ba PUP ng cross enrollees for summer classes? At ilan maximum number of units or subjs if yes? Hehe. Planning to cross enroll next year kasi :)

  6. Oh my, batchmate kita sa PUP lawschool. :) I'm on LOA due to financial constraints din. :( iniyakan ko ng bongga yung pag LOA ko. Pero wala. Story of PUPians' lives. Ipon nalang muna bago bumalik mas maganda kung makapag full time. Good thing is, the dream is still alive. Diba? :)

  7. I want to pursue my studies in law school, but I'm not a good writer. When I start making my own essay the ideas in my head get so distorted that I cannot write my own thoughts on a peace of paper. Should I back out?


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