Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to boost your memory !

You guys all know that I now attend Law School ayt? /one of my dilemma is how to improve my memory. I'm not one those geeks who can memorize 100 pages in just one sitting. Believe me I'm not ! I am the "kabisote" type but kabisotes don't have room for Law School so I have no choice but to adjust myself to the environment I'm now having. While browsing the Internet I saw some tips on how to boost one's memory so here they are. Hope it will help both of us ^^

For students to boost their memory especially during examinations, they should enjoy their studies and start a routine like reviewing first the subject that interests them the most.
In Chapter 14 of Eran Katz's latest book "Where Did Noah Park the Ark?," the author gives eight rules on how students could develop a super memory and become successful in their studies.
Rule 1: There are no rules. It is always up to the student to establish a good environment that will motivate/inspire him to excel and achieve. Given that each person is unique and has different qualities, each student also differs in their areas of interests, capabilities, and tempos that they will use to create their very own study habits.
Rule 2: There is no competition.
There is no quota. There are no limitations. Most students feel like comparing themselves with their classmates. According to Katz, this feeling is merely caused by a student's ego and competitive nature that generate competitive feelings with their classmates.
Rule 3: Choose your green times and don't study during your red times. In this rule, Katz describes how the brain works at its maximal strength which he refers to as the mind's "primetime." He also names the off-peak hours as "red time" and the peak hours as "green time" which are related to a student's biological cycle during the day, including body temperature, blood pressure, etc.
Rule 4: Study first class, not coach. In performing tasks, a student should know what's best for him. Katz explained that regardless of where a student decides to learn, he should learn to hide from all others.
Rule 5: Hide. A student must learn to hide from the things that might distract him during studying like cellphones. Without all the advanced technology available, a student will be able to fully focus and is in total control as he absorbs himself deeper into his books.
Rule 6: Take you Superman pill.
Secret motivators and sources of inspiration will be a student's Superman pill. May it be in the form of a prayer, a favorite shirt, or a lucky pen, these motivators can help a student psychologically and spiritually.
Rule 7: Get to know your teacher.
Katz noted that a teacher plays an important role in a student's life since he serves as the source of what a student has to know.
Rule 8: Don't be perfect.
Try to be the good student, not the perfect student. In doing, the student will reduce one's anxiety and not be obsessed to prove anything and suffer from unnecessary pressure.

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