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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Behind my back ...

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So many people say that you won’t amount to anything, you won’t make it, you won’t succeed- unless you’re on your own. But those people forget the heroes standing behind them- the unsung warriors- the brave fighters and peacemakers- who make life what it is. These people are friends, compadres, and even the chums- add the vibrancy and color to this world that is otherwise a monotone black and white. These people- who no matter what is wrong and what they are doing, support you every step of the way and hold you up when you’re falling.

Ladies and gentlemen, never forget these people watching you, guarding you through life’s hardships. They will be your light, your happiness to guide you through this never ending darkness. If soon forgotten, the marks- and sometimes even the scars- these people cast on your heart will still exist, though their reasoning may be lost. Everyone you meet- every single person impacts you in some way, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem at the time. Then there are those people- the special people to touch your heart- who leave marks so big or so deep on your soul, that you could never forget their mark no matter how much you try. These people will hold the greatest impact on your life and whose presence will stick with through all times. There marks aid to characterize who you are and how your life will go. 

These heroes will be able to tell you what’s wrong, even though you may not know it yourself. The look in your eyes- they see through your lies, even if they blind you. You can tell them you’re fine- straight face lie- and they’ll see straight through it. You can’t fool them, can’t trick them- they know you too well. Don’t even try it- it’s not worth the effort. 

They are your sunshine, your hope, your light. You can’t let them extinguish or you’ll extinguish yourself. You need them to hold you together- to hold your seams together while you’re breaking apart. They’ll hold you when you break down and cry. They’ll share your pain- no matter rough it may be or how much you hurt. These fighters just want to bring your pain to a halt and make sure no matter what- you’ll be okay. 

They will listen to your problems, and give advice when you can’t find it in your own heart- even when the truth may not be what you want to hear. They’ll do anything- no matter how silly and crude- just to make you smile. 

Your flaws are embraced- these amigos know you aren’t perfect. They’ll accept you for who you are- even if they disagree with who you are or what you do. 

You can call them- any time of day- rain or shine- just to have someone to talk to, to cry to. 

They will take you out and treat you, just to make sure you’re fed and well. 

These warriors become your everything and consume what you thought life was.  
Please, remember these everyday heroes who have done so much for your life. They are here for you- they would even die for you- how could you even begin to toss them away? Something so simple that becomes to embody something even greater- something that almost seems not human. These kind creatures- uncaring about themselves and more forgiving than even the earth itself- are what make life special and worth living. The earth needs the sun to light up its surface, just as we need the friends and family who are watching our backs. Please, I beg of you, don’t let this earthly wonder slip you by. Embrace the ones you love, and who love you. Don’t let that soft flame extinguish. Hold it and protect it from the impending storm. Who knows when you’ll need these heroes later, or when they’ll need you- but no matter what, don’t let the true miracles that have come into your life slip away.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An Open Letter To A Diffident Friend of Mine ...

Dearest Sabrina ,

          Halos 5 years na rin tayong nagkakasama no? Since undergrad kaklase na kita pero di ko masabing magkakilala na nga tayo sa mga panahon na yun kasi we both belong to different circle of friends. Ang lagi ko kasing nkakausap lang ay si Sienn na walang choice kundi ang tumabi saken dahil sa pareho kaming Dela Cruz ang surname. Siguro it is safe to say na you are the opposite of who I am. Kaya siguro medyo naniwala ka noon na kesyo ganito ang ugali ko at hndi madaling makasundo. I can't blame them, sobrang strong naman kasi talaga ng personality ko kaya maraming nagsasabi na hndi ako madaling pakisamahan. Kung ano yung kinalakas ng dating ng aura ko sya namang kinatahimik ng pagkatao mo. Konting dikit pa saken Sahb lalakas din ang loob mo. Contagious kaya ang fighting spirit ko :)) Nakakatawa no? Kapag nakkwento naten sa mga kaklase natin noon na tayo ang magkasundo sa Law School nagugulat sila at nagtataka kung paanong ang isang tahimik na tulad mo ay sasama sa ubod ng ingay na kagaya ko. Well, sabi nga nila "Opposite attracts".
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