Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ten Hidden Perks of Being a Law Student

#1: You will gradually develop into a bodybuilder as you power-walk your computers and casebooks around campus. In many ways, the library can be very much like the gym.
#2: Many studies have found that strenuous thinking burns calories. Need I say more?
#3: Non-law writing projects will seem like such an easygoing pastime you may find yourself randomly writing a 6-inch thick allegorical novel for the sheer joy of it.
#4: You will be easily entertained by anything else besides law homework, including certain wedding shows on TV. The line may blur between simple pleasures and simple-minded pleasures.
#5: Your typing skills will gradually increase to a rich, rolling symphony of “tappety-tappety-tappety . . . .”
#6: You will (painfully) learn the importance of proper “at-desk” posture and will accordingly improve yourself to a much more becoming alignment of the shoulders and spine if you want to live.
#7: You will see many, many more sunrises.
#8: Law analysis will sometimes make it impossible for you to turn off your brain at the end of the day, thereby affording you some great extra time to get things done instead of sleeping at night. Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity.
#9: Somewhere in being called on by the teacher and madly scanning your used book for highlighted answers left over from the previous owner, dealing with any overbearing friends and relatives will suddenly start to seem less intimidating.
#10: You may find that in the middle of a relationship you start assessing whether the other party can be defined as a “reasonable person.” In the end, this can prove very helpful.

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