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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

When an Incoming Law Student ask How Profs in Law Schools are like ...


When someone tells me they thought that our final was super easy ..

I’m like:

When people won’t stop talking about our exam after it’s over ...

My Prof's reaction when he reads my answer in the Finals ...

How my siblings look like while waiting for me to finish using the computer ...

True Story !

When you have to evaluate THE PROF YOU REALLY DISLIKED ...

No , seriously !

My thoughts while taking my final exams ...

Just when you thought midterm's the worst !

First Semester in Law School is FINALLY OVER !

So , where can we find a place for unlimited beer ??
Hahahaha !

I'm starting to think of something good to do this Sembreak ...
Any suggestions ?

Law School Scenario 014

When you only have 10 minutes to study before the exam ...

Law School Scenario 013

When my professor 
makes a dumb joke during the class.

(Happens every Constitutional Law I class)

Law School Scenario 011

When my college friends talk to me about their jobs, 
wedding plans, vacations, boyfriends, new houses, etc.

Law School Scenario 010

When my friends invite me out 
but I have to stay at home and finish reading for the class.

This is soooo me every single f*$% Friday night :((

Law School Scenario 008

To all the incoming 1Ls …

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