Friday, June 14, 2013

What is the soundtrack of your life?

Sorry but I feel the need to explain why I chose this song :)) This has been the soundtrack of my life since God knows when. Every line from this song speaks for me. The way I feel. The things I've been through and still going through and how I face them gracefully. Remember, no matter what we do, other people will always say something to us and oftentimes will pull us down but at the end of the day, we must realize that what matters most is how we see ourselves because only YOU know who you really are . Thank you so much !

CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY - Mariah Carrey

They can say, 
Anything they want to say, 
Try to bring me down, 
But I will not allow anyone to succeed hanging clouds over me, 
And they can try 
How to make me feel that I, 
Don't matter at all, 
But I refuse to falter in what I believe or loose faith in my dreams

'Cause there's, 
There's a light in me, 
That shines brightly, 
They can try, 
But they can't take that away from me
From me

Oh they, 
They can do
Anything they want to you, 
If you let them in, 
But they won't ever win, 
If you cling to you pride, and just push them aside, 
See I, 
I have learned, 
There's an inner peace I own, 
Something in my soul that they can not possess
So I won't be afraid and the darkness will fade

'Cause there's, 
There's light in me me, 
That shines brightly, yes
They can try, 
But they can't take that away from me

They can't take this 
Precious love I'll always have inside me, 
Certainly the Lord will guide me where I need to go

They can say 
Anything they want to say, 
Try to bring me down, 
But I won't face the ground, 
I will rise steadily sailing out of their reach, 
Although they do try, 
How to make me feel that I, 
Don't matter at all, 
But I refuse to falter in what I believe or loose faith in my dreams, 
'Cause there's a light in me, 
That shines brightly yes

They can try but they can't take that away from 
Me... From me..

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How about you? What is the soundtrack of your life?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

All firstborns ...

Young Blood

All firstborns


When I’m asked how many siblings I have, I normally respond like this: “I have two—my sister and my brother. We’re all firstborns.”

That last part catches people off-guard, and I brace for follow-up questions such as, awkwardly: You all have different fathers? I understand that this comes from the impression that women like my mother are either unfortunate or “hostesses,” thanks (but no thanks) to films like “Tanging Ina.”

There are many times when I want to tell my friends the truth about my bizarre family story. But something holds me back, being in a country that hangs on to strong family ties and values.

I believe I have the most courageous and dignified mother of all. She is 51 and a single parent. I am her only child with my father; my sister and brother are her only children with their fathers.

I consider her the greatest actress of all time because she can play different roles at the same time.

She is our father who works hard day and night to support us financially. Like a protective dad, she fights like a lion and defends us whenever she feels we are being belittled or oppressed. She is our  ate  (elder sister) with whom we can chat and exchange silly jokes. Sometimes we can’t tell her everything under the sun, but she tries to be a good listener when we need one.

She is our kuya  (elder brother) who guards us from danger. She taught me to be street-smart—a great help when I have to go home late. She is our  yaya  (nanny) who always does things for us, including doing our laundry and folding our clothes neatly in the cabinet.

Finally, she is our mother who gave birth to us and continues to provide us shelter and love.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The people behind the success of PUP College of Law

I've been receiving messages from different people asking who the faculty members are in the PUP College of Law. Some of them are going to be part of the PUP-COL Family this coming school year. So to guide each and everyone of you, I copied the list of the faculty members listed in the PUP website.

The following are the current members of the faculty of the PUP College of Law headed by 
Dean Gemy Lito L. Festin.

Justice Efren De La Cruz
Master of Laws, University of Santo Tomas, Manila
Bachelor of Laws, University of the East, Manila
Admitted to the Philippine Bar in 1981
Chairperson, First Division, Sandiganbayan
Associate Justice, Sandiganbayan

Judy Lardizabal, LL.B.
Bachelor of Laws, San Sebastian College Recoletos (Valedictorian)
First Placer, 2008 Bar Examinations
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